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We successfully handling segment of retail sector. This highly demanding market puts many challenges before logistics operator. This includes the need to carry out supplies in specific time windows, having a fleet adapted to supply in department stores, experience in handling high and low seasons, high complexity of product items.


Our services include a comprehensive range of logistics operations from receipt of goods to warehouse and its storage, additional operations according to individual customer requirements, preparation for shipment, delivery up to handling of returns.


To Retail sector we offer:

  • daily deliveries to shopping centers
  • distribution in specific time window
  • transfers between stores
  • assistance with unloading
  • returns service and its selecting
  • support for e-commerce transactions
  • handling of promotional and seasonal peaks
  • storage capacity adapted to the seasonality
  • warehouse operations at the level of unit
  • handling of many thousands of commodity indexes
  • reallocation of resources at the „low” and „high” seasons
  • inventory and reporting of stocks
  • wide range of additional services in the field of co-packing services
  • professional services for the textile and clothing: ironing and refreshing, transport and storage of hanging clothes

Furthermore, additional service includes:


  • completing of promotional and seasoning special-event sets
  • order picking in accordance with customer requirements
  • advanced quality control
  • putting of security tags


Based on years of experience gained from handling of retail sector we are able to offer proven solutions that improve the flexibility and competitiveness of our customers and guarantee the best exposition of the products at the point of sale.


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Value added in standard!


Spedimex one of the leading logistics companies operating in the segment of fashion. We understand the needs of the industry that we support from the beginning of the company. Our goal is to increase the value of the products of our customers by their proper exposure. Through appropriate resources, we can offer our customers full logistics operations, including among others:


  • logistics warehouse equipped with internal transport system for hanging garments
  • storage of hanging goods
  • order picking at the level of unit
  • labelling/ labels replacement
  • ironing and refreshing clothes in a professional steam tunnel
  • special equipment dedicated to coats ironing
  • details ironing by hands
  • quality control, size checking
  • branded hangers ordering


  • postseason returns service
  • transport of hanging garments
  • daily deliveries to shopping centers



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DIY / Home and Garden

Do it yourself, but leave the logistics professionals!


One of our specialties is DIY sector (do it yourself). In accordance with the requirements of the market we design effective solutions for warehousing and distribution of goods with very different overall dimensions. In particular:


  • designing of storage space for oversized goods
  • adjusting the method and means of transport for non-standard goods
  • providing timely delivery, taking into account seasonal fluctuations
  • sorting, packaging, picking and preparation for shipment
  • performing additional operations on the goods (Value Added Services)
  • designing and implement dedicated interfaces



Electronics / Appliances

With highest care - your products in good hands!


Electronics and household appliances products, especially those of large size, require special caution in handling them, skilled staff and special solutions in the area of supply to an individual customer.


In our offer you can find a package of solutions corresponding to the specific needs of sector:

  • suitable storage facilities in modern class A objects
  • convenient placement of branches for the distribution of goods
  • operational processes executed with the highest care, using infrastructure designed to handle and moving this type of products
  • completion and secure in transit
  • wide range of additional services
  • delivery with bringing up equipment to individual customers
  • acceptance of used equipment and returnable packaging
  • professional and well trained team of customer service, shipping department and drivers


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When the end result counts!


Supporting e-commerce requires special attention. Operations performed at one unitneed an outstanding precision and accuracy. We take care that the goods safely and quickly got to the recipient. We help our partners in implementing the day to day operations and support the development of their business. Together we are working on brand success, and individually doing what we know best!


For e-commerce, we offer a package of services including:

  • reception of deliveries dedicated to e-commerce channel
  • optimal way of storaging in shelf racks for easy preparation of shipments
  • order picking for individual consumers
  • printing invoices and attach to shipments
  • operations at the level of single unit
  • quality control
  • additional services: labeling, replacing labels, putting instructions, warranty cards


  • ordering personalized shipping packages
  • inventory management
  • specialized and experienced team of employees
  • system supporting operations and eliminating potential errors and mistakes in deliveries
  • delivery to individual customers
  • comprehensive services for the whole supply chain


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