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With effect from 1 July 2011 has been introduced electronic toll collection, so-called e-toll associated with the use of road infrastructure by vehicles of maximum total weight exceeding 3,5 t. Fee of public and legal character is taken on selected national roads and their parties. 

Obligation of that toll collection imposes on all member of UE, Directive 2006/38/EC of the European Parliament and European Council of 17 May 2006. In Poland, it shall be governed by regulation of the Council of Ministers Ordinance of 22 March 2011 on the national roads or sections on which the fee is collected electronically, and the amount of fees and services (Journal of Laws, No 80, item 433).

The introduction of these administrative cost has a direct impact on the growth of operating costs of all carriers in Poland. Accordingly, from 1 July 2011 to the basic rate of transport services will be added Road Surcharge.


Road Surcharge has been calculated on the basis of incurred costs associated with the collection of electronic charges. Its height will be updated successively with the incorporation of next sections of national roads and highways which are subject electronic toll collection and paid licensed motorways.


The fee was calculated as a percentage, added to the base rate for freight.


Type of servicesValue of surcharge 
Domestic distribution-groupage 6,78%


For national and international transport of full truck FTL/LTL, e-toll costs will be included in the value of freight rates. Their value will depend on the actual cost of transport on roads designated for e-toll collection and licensed highway.

Spedimex reserves the right to change the way of calculation of Road Surcharge and to update its height with the change in the pricing of e-toll, as well as expanding the road network covered by the fee.

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