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Application of fuel correction is the result of significant fluctuations of fuel prices which are an essential component of the transport services cost. The adopted formula for calculating fuel adjustment enables to avoid frequent changes in the price list by Spedimex Sp. z o.o.

The method of calculating the fuel charge is based on changes in average monthly diesel oil prices published by PKN Orlen. Base price of diesel fuel adopted to account for transport services is the average wholesale price of 1 m³ of fuel oil in January 2010 which equals 2881 PLN / m³. Automatic correction of services prices takes place in case of change of average monthly wholesale price of fuel oil relative to the base price.


Valid for the fuel adjustment factor is given at the beginning of each month and is as follows:


MonthPrice in PLN of 1m3 of oil *% % change in price of oil% share of fuel in transport cost% height of fuel adjustment
January 2019 4 106 42,50 % 30 % 12,75 %
February 2019 4 019 39,43 % 30 % 11,83 %
March 2019 3 791 31,58 % 30 % 9,47 %
April 2019 3 365 16,79 % 30 % 5,04 %
May 2019 3 069 6,53 % 30 % 2,78 %


The level of indicator shows the share of fuel costs and may change with a change in cost structure.
Minimum value of fuel charge may not be lower than 2,78%.
Spedimex reserves the right to change the way of calculation of fuel charge.


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