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Check out how you can join us protect the environment.

Through daily activities we can protect the environment. Simple, everyday activities mean a lot. Our idea Think Eco - Logistics involves a multifaceted approach to take action in support of environmental protection.

Small gestures give is a big benefit to the world in which we live. Join us and together conserves resources.


Each drop weight in gold.
Let's save water. A leaking tap can in a month fill the bath. Think about the environment.




Eliminate unnecessary "paperwork."
Print on both sides, help limit the cutting of trees. Not print an e-mail if it is not necessary. Protect the environment.



Do not waste energy.
Use natural light whenever possible. Turn off the charger from the socket when you recharge your phone. Do not leave appliances in "stand by", still consume energy. Be Eco.



Share anybody can.
Sort garbage, help recover materials used. Crush empty cartons and bottles. Waste segregation is Eco.



Think Eco - Logistics

Meet our Eco-Logistics practice. We are aware of the impact on the environment in which we operate. Therefore, through the daily practice we try to cultivate an attitude aimed at protecting the environment. These activities implementing among other through segregation of waste, efficient use of natural resources, promotion of positive behaviors among employees.

  • We segregate waste in our warehouses: foil, paper, e-waste and other
  • We work with companies that are professionally engaged in recycling of waste materials
  • Efficient use of energy, water, light, ensuring the rational use of resources
  • Promote and encourage employees to positive behavior
  • Replace all light sources to the most energy-efficient
  • We use electric lifts reducing the formation of exhaust
  • Do not cross the permissible emission standards
  • Our IT systems allows to optimize transport routes. Thanks to this minimize the number of kilometers cycled.

Social Responsibility

Our goal is realization of business projects as well as supporting environment in which we operate. We regularly engage in activities that support the functioning of local communities.

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