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Not only business goals

Our goal is realization of business projects as well as supporting environment in which we operate. We regularly engage in activities that support the functioning of local communities. Corporate Social Responsibility program is based on three main pillars:

Supporting local communities among which the company operates

Periodically support local communities. The main activities in this area are initiatives that grant school environment (through the purchase of teaching aids). We also support cultural events and participate in charitable activities. We sponsor cycling marathons in our province. We are a long-standing partner of the Bicycle Club "Łask Hawks"

Find out how we support the local environment:


  • Sponsorship of the largest cultural events in the region
  • Engage in local social activities, aimed at region promoting
  • Helping organizations and associations that manage its support to the most needy
  • We support organizations that distribute modern methods of education to equal opportunities for social
  • We share our experience and knowledge with students during organized practices and internships
  • Encourage employees to improve their professional qualifications directing them to training courses and complementary studies
  • We spread the practice of equal opportunities among current and potential employees
  • We train employees to increase their awareness of environmental protection and improvement of work safety

Minimizing the impact on environment in accordance with the idea of Think Eco - Logistics

We are aware of the impact on the environment in which we operate. Therefore, through the daily practice we cultivate an attitude aimed at protecting the environment. These activities we provide among other through segregation of waste (plastic film, paper, e-waste), efficient use of natural resources (energy efficiency, water, light),

promote positive behavior among employees and optimizing transport routes - thanks to the implemented information systems (TMS).

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Building organizational culture supports development of employees

We are building organizational culture that allows all employees to develop within the organization. We mobilize to raise their own efficiency. Thanks to this, many employees of internal recruitment managers are people who were promoted from lower positions in the company. Flat organizational structure creates better conditions for triggering the initiative and commitment of employees.

The company beyond internal recruitment enable development through training, actively involving in teams implementing new projects. Awareness of common objectives achieved through integration meetings held in atmosphere conducive to team building.

Work in Spedimex

We are constantly developing. Currently working with us more than 800 skilled employees, specialists in logistics, freight forwarding and business processes. Together with us create the logistics of tomorrow.

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