With common
goals and values

We are aware that to build a competitive advantage we need knowledge, skills and commitment of entire team. Through continuous improvement and raising competence we achieve the best results creating a team of people with passion and ambition.

We are constantly developing. Currently working with us nearly 900 skilled employees, professionals in the field :



  • Professional Customer Service
  • National and international freight forwarding
  • Logistics processes
  • Management of human resources
  • Sales and Marketing
  • IT and project implementations
  • Controlling
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Technical support for logistics processes


If your qualifications and interests correspond to our needs, we encouraged to submit your application. You can send your offer at: rekrutacja@spedimex.pl

Guidelines for the correctness of the application documents and the recruitment process, you will find in section for candidates.


The recruitment process


Information for applicants

Thank you to all of you comprising applications. At the same time we would like to explain in a few words how the recruitment process takes place and why we do not make contact with all candidates sending applications.


The requirements in job advertisement

In any published job advertisement we try to present all important information about the responsibilities and requirements for the position. Expectations concern competence of trainees that person should have in order to fully carry out its duties. We do not exaggerate our requirements. This means that if given position there are no situations in which the employee would have to communicate in a foreign language, we do not expect the skills of the candidates.

In response to our advertisement get a lot of applications. It often happens that applicants for employment do not meet the necessary requirements. For example, if you are looking for a customs agent, a necessary condition is to have the license rights, if a warehouse worker, which has to be the forklift operator - license on forklift handling. This is why offers candidates do not have the required permissions are not taken into consideration in the next stage of the recruitment process.


Our locations

Due to the dynamic development of our company we have more and more branches across the country. It happens that candidates are applying by mistake to a different location than was contained in the job advertisement. If the application is submitted to another city in order to change the place of residence, then we will be thankful for the conclusion of such information in application documents. Thanks to this, offer will be taken into account in the further process of recruitment.

A candidate who has been invited by us to the job interview is always given feedback relating to the recruitment process. Regardless of whether passed to the next stage or not.


The recruitment process

Offers delivered via email, post or personally go to the department responsible for the recruitment of employees. There are considered in terms of meeting the basic criteria contained in the advertisement.


Then the candidates whose offers pass through the first selection are invited to job interview. Such a conversation is most often done by person from recruitment department. During the meeting, we want to first of all learn more about the candidate, clarifying the information contained in your resume. We ask also about expectations for the new employer.

The last step is a meeting with the direct supervisor who usually talks about the specifics of work and introduces in detail with the scope of work for the vacancy. After this stage we inform about the results of the recruitment and invite selected person to the company in order to complete the necessary formalities.
During the first days at work supervisor and co-workers are trying to pass on the most important issues, relevant to the position. They also help to know the structure and organizational culture of the company.

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Spedimex is a Polish logistics operator, providing solutions for supply chain management. Since 1993 we have successfully implemented projects for large international brands as well as small and medium-sized companies.

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